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How many times have you had users who, once they landed on your site, did not complete the task you wanted them to do?

This unproductive scenario for your business is due to an ineffective User Experience. A user who wants to perform an action on your site has needs that are not always met.


A poorly designed User Experience translates in a waste of money. In fact, investing in user experience pays off in the short and long term, providing about 99% in savings for companies. A famous research project on the costs of usability performed by IBM explained in a nutshell that for every dollar invested by companies in ease of use there is a return on investment ranging from 10 to 100 dollars.


The mission of Conflux is to support you in defining successful digital interfaces through UX Research and Design for your website or mobile app, giving your potential customers the best possible user experience, thus improving the performance of the platform and the relevant conversion rate.

We put at the center the needs and behaviors of users to ensure that the value proposition of your product meets their real needs.

We help our clients to analyze, conceive and design innovative services and products driven by users’ needs that help companies’ business to grow.

Through a Human-centered design process, we respond to the business needs of our clients, analyze and design digital touchpoints, such as Apps, e-commerce platforms and successful websites.


Working side by side with the most important brands in the industry, we have been able to realize projects for various markets such as retail, finance, insurance, utilities, travel, mobility, telco, tech, automotive, and other industries, for different types of players ranging from international luxury brands to start-ups on different types of touchpoints, from corporate to e-commerce websites, from mobile Apps to enterprise software and platforms.


We structure our team on a case-by-case basis to respond efficiently to our clients’ needs. We like to think of us as a design boutique: each project is tailored to the specific client.

Our main categories of activity are:

UX Research
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We help companies understand how to improve their digital services and products. We specialize in analyzing data that the client already has or in collecting new data. We integrate data from various tools into an evaluation framework, based on business objectives. In this way, we show what the path that can lead to ROI optimization is.

The methods we use are varied and are adopted according to the client’s needs and the specific objective to be achieved.


To identify critical issues and uncover unrealized opportunities, we investigate all aspects of a multichannel experience: customer journey, information architecture, user interface usability, and conversion process.


We are able to observe users online (through digital and visual analytics and remote testing) and offline (with tests carried out in our lab, such as interviews, eye-tracking studies, focus groups) and we analyze their behaviors to identify pain points and develop actionable insights, useful for design and strategy.

UX/UI Design
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Guided by data and consolidated methods, we develop creative solutions that are coherent with business objectives, rapidly applicable and verifiable.


We take care of every aspect of product design: from UX strategy to service design, from the development of information architecture to that of wireframes and interactive prototypes.

The ideation of concepts and UX solutions is at the same time supported by data and creativity. We collect all the information that emerges from research activities, build profiles of current and ideal users, and define a User experience strategy able to enhance all the digital touchpoints involved in the process.


In the new customer journey, friction in the experience should be minimized and engagement improved. And, of course, the design will be enjoyable and tailored to your users.

Our design activities are divided into:

  • User Experience Design

    We define interaction flows consistent with users’ mental models. We organize the architecture of systems, single pages/screens, and tasks. We communicate solutions with wireframes and interactive prototypes.

  • User Interface Design

    We define in detail the design of digital interfaces, guided by brand identity, the tone of voice of the project, the knowledge of trends, standards and technological opportunities, and awareness of the typical behaviors of perception and interpretation of people. Our deliverables guide the development work in detail.

UX Academy
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We have started a training process aimed at selecting and training the best User Experience Designers. Thanks to the experience gained in the market and in university teaching, we at Conflux are able to provide talented designers with a training program, where they have the opportunity to be supported by the team, participating in both research and UX and UI design activities.


In addition, we are committed to constantly looking after the professional growth of our designers, setting goals, training opportunities and monitoring progress.

UX Academy Enterprise
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We support our clients with engaging classroom and remote training programs built for client companies’ internal designers.


Thanks to our ad hoc programs, we are able to train:


– people coming from the digital field, but who need to now more about the UX world

– people who already have a role in the User Experience world but need an advanced and quality update


We provide training courses with variable duration and content, so to tailor them to the needs of our customers.


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A multidisciplinary team of UX researchers, service designers, and medical advisors with interdisciplinary expertise works together to develop user-centered strategies and projects.


The meeting between Edra SpA and Conflux in 2022 gave rise to HEI! Lab, a space where the best expertise from these two entities come together to create tools and processes that meet the needs of individuals, whether they are patients or professionals.

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