Conflux supports Entando in helping data-driven design companies achieve success

User Experience is one of the main business needs at the moment and Conflux, together with Entando, has developed a project to support companies in this UX transformation and optimization process

27 October 2020
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User Experience is the new driving force of the technology industry

Team Conflux

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27 October 2020
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A few years ago – back in 2001 – IBM published a famous paper on the costs of usability trying to explain the value of investing in simpler software to use: “Every dollar invested in User Experience makes between 10 and 100 dollars” was the very effective summary of the study. Over the years, more research has strengthened this fact, demonstrating how user experience defects generate loss to companies in terms of productivity and earnings and that the investment in the redesign of the products used is worth the expense.


In fact, the defects related to bad and inefficient UX generate substantial loss to companies in terms of productivity and earnings: the optimization of the User Experience, on the other hand, leads to positive and evident effects on the performance of digital interfaces and on the business.


At Conflux, we believe that User Experience is the new driving force of the technology industry and that it has replaced the old ways of designing services and digital products.
Within the next few years, User Experience will become one of the main business needs for most companies in any sector that have decided to embark on a path of digitization and digital transformation. Conflux’ mission is to design effective, usable, and performing experiences for our customers’ digital services and products and, therefore, to accelerate the process of adopting UX design methodologies.

“Conflux, a consultancy boutique specializing in User Experience design & research, supports companies in the digital transformation process, as User Experience is a fundamental step in defining the process itself. In particular, in the context of creation of new products and services, the right design of the User Experience with a “human-centered design” (hcd) approach is configured as an indispensable element for the success of services which are by nature dematerialized ” – Luigi Greco, Founding Partner and CEO of Conflux

“Every dollar invested in User Experience makes between 10 and 100 dollars”

User Experience and microservice

Many successful companies such as Google, Comcast Cable, Uber, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, Zalando have been using for many years or have started out as microservice-based companies.


As a rule, projects based on microservices always follow Ken Thompson’s philosophy: “Do one thing and do it well”, which shows how important it is to focus on a single task at a time and do it perfectly. The motto is not only intended as advice for programming work, it also describes how the individual microservices work.


The term “Microservices Architecture” describes a particular way of designing applications and software programs as a suite of independently deployable services.
A microservice architecture, therefore, allows for the creation of a large application in the form of small monofunctional modules, or microservices. The foundations are developed independently of each other and link the entire project together.


In fact, the traditional software development is based on the principle of monolithic architecture: all the components are made in a single large application. All individual services draw on and therefore depend on a large database and are offered through the user interface of a single application. The microservice approach is based on modules: each microservice carries out a single task.


While the monolithic architecture, therefore, tries to group everything in a single program, microservices are responsible for one task only and operate independently of each other.


Entando is one of the leading companies in the technological development of microservices, capable of increasing agility in back-end development, standardizing and accelerating innovation related to User Experience.


Furthermore, Entando aims to implement and develop data-driven User Experience design projects, in which design is closely connected with Micro Front end, in order to create user experiences that win over and retain more customers.


The development of Entando microservices allows companies to have significant advantages:


  1. Independence
    In developing a microservice, the work teams act in a completely autonomous way. There is neither an authoritarian and superior instance that establishes a way to proceed, nor the individual groups working on the project must constantly coordinate with each other. At the heart of the team, there is a single purpose which is the user of the microservice.
  2. Solidity
    Another advantage of independence is that the whole system becomes much more solid in this way. If a microservice stops working, doesn’t mean the entire application stops working: it means that single component no longer works.
  3. Compatibility
    The microservices are set up as easily as possible so that the connection does not burden the entire loading process, for optimal use.
Conflux supporta Entando

How Conflux can support Entando

In this scenario, Conflux supports Entando in helping data-driven design companies achieve success.

Conflux’ task is to bring User Experience, understood in terms of methodologies, processes, and best practices, in the projects of those companies that decide to be supported by Entando in the creation of their platforms on Kubernetes, a software program for the automation of deployment, scalability, and management of applications in containers. Kubernetes groups the containers that make up the applications in logical units to simplify management and visibility.

Entando’s micro front-end and microservice platform, therefore, helps companies offer their customers better and more efficient experiences, so that for every dollar spent on “ease of use” the return on investment (ROI) ranges from $ 10 to $ 100. ” (Source: The Six Steps For Justifying Better UX)

Concretely, Conflux has built a UX practice for Entando, with the following services that can be provided in the USA:


  1. UX Engineering Service
    a. Project Analysis
    b. Shareholder workshops
    c. Competitive solutions benchmarking
  2. UX Design – value proposition
    a. In-depth Interviews
    b. Focus Groups
    c. Digital analytics pre/post review
  3. Design Service
    a. Persona Development
    b. UX Blueprint
    c. Information Architecture
  4. Final Design
    a. Wireframe
    b. Interaction Flows
    c. UX Design


Find out how Conflux and Entando can support companies in designing User Experience with a view to microservice of digital products and services.


Thanks to a consolidated process of UX research & Design, Conflux can help companies in the digital transformation process and the analysis, optimization, and design of innovative digital products and services with an approach based on “Data, UX Research & Design” aimed at supporting the business on its growth path.


Find out more about Conflux’ human-centered approach by visiting our User Experience blog.

About Conflux UX

Conflux is a consulting boutique specializing in UX Research & Design. We help our customers analyze, think, and design innovative and digitally driven services and products that help the business grow.
With our Human-Centered Design approach, we help companies design touchpoints that people love across multiple industries, including banking, insurance, retail, gaming, and more.

About Entando

Entando is an ever evolving platform where team contribution and customer input are weighted equally to give companies the very best tools to build applications that really make a difference.

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