A multidisciplinary team of UX researchers, service designers, and medical advisors with interdisciplinary expertise works together to develop user-centered strategies and projects.

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The meeting between Edra and Conflux in 2022 gave rise to “HEI!LAB” which brings together the best of these two entities to create tools and processes that meet the needs of individuals, whether they are patients or professionals.


  • research & discovery


To identify critical issues and uncover unexpressed opportunities, we investigate all aspects of the multichannel experience: the customer journey, information architecture, the usability of the user interface, and the conversion process. We can observe users both online (through digital and visual analytics and remote testing) and offline (through laboratory tests such as interviews, eye-tracking studies, and focus groups) and analyze their behaviors to identify pain points and develop actionable insights that are useful for design and strategy.


  • interfaces


Interfaces are designed to respond to the “real needs” of the user. Through an iterative design process, the design team works to shape the final user experience of the service or digital product through numerous quality checks with stakeholders and real users.


  • care paths


We work to build a system centered on the patient and organized around their needs instead of an approach guided by supply and organized around the activities of healthcare providers. The evolution of the National Health Service is moving towards physical and digital proximity care.

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